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Program to provide transportation to and from your SoonerCare appointments.                                                                  
- You must have a Medicaid number
- You must call at least three (3) days before appointment to arrange for your ride.
- Always ask for Cimarron Transit to be your transportation provider.....although they will not guarantee the trip will be assigned to Cimarron.
Access SoonerRide Non-Emergency Transportation
If you live in Oklahoma and have a valid SoonerCare ID number, you qualify for SoonerRide, the state's Medicaid transportation service.  (SoonerCare  members who are residents of a nursing facility also may use SoonerRide.)

SoonerRide is designed for people without adequate transportation to medically necessary appointments.  SoonerRide does not handle emergency transportation.  In case of an emergency, call 911.
Make a Reservation
Arranging SoonerRide transportation is easy. To make a reservation, call 1-877-404-4500 at least three (3) business days before your trip is needed.  Hours to call are 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

When you call SoonerRide, a customer service representative will ask for the following information:
   Your current SoonerCare ID number
  The time and day of your medical appointment
  The name, address and phone number of the heath care facility you will be visiting.
  The reason for your medical appointment.
  Whether you will require an escort.

This information is needed to establish if you qualify for SoonerRide and to determine which type of transportation will best meet your needs.

*Urgent trips may be accepted with less notice.  Urgent trips are hospital discharges, Patient Advice Line referrals, doctor appointments when deemed necessary by a doctor, or a faciltiy transfer.

Please note:
Trip authorization numbers must be assigned for each trip, including trips that involve a gas reimbursement.  Make sure you write down the authorization number you are given when you book your trip.  If you have any questions or concerns later, you will need this number for prompt service.

Types of transportation available to you through SoonerRide include gas reimbursement, paratransit, bus tickets and stretcher van.

Where's My Ride?
If transportation is running more than 15 minutes late and you have not heard from your driver, simply call the toll-free "Where's My Ride?"  number:  1-800-435-1034.  When you call, give your authorization number, and SoonerRide will call your driver and let you know where the driver is and when you can expect your ride to arrive.

Questions and Answers
Q.  What if I am hearing impaired?
A.  If you need TDD services, call 711 or 1-800-722-0353.

Q.  What should I expect from this service and my driver?
A.  Please remember that SooenrRide is not a taxi service but is intended to assure you have access to your medical appointments.  You can expect the following from this service:
  Vehicles often will transport other members in the same vehicle with you.
  Drivers cannot make additional stops - they can only take you to the destination that has been approved and reserved.
  Drivers will give assistance into and out of the vehicle, but may only pull up to the front door or to a common area of an apartment, clinic, hospital or office building.  They do not assume the role of a caretaker.  If you need assistance, please bring an escort with you.
  Drivers should obey all traffic laws.
  Drivers should notify you if they will be more than 10 minutes late.
  Occasionally, a driver may ask you if you can be a little flexible with your "pick-up time."  You are not required to change your pick-up time if asked; however, your flexibility will help to assure more people can get appointments that day.

Q.  How do I get picked up from my medical appointment?
A:  You must schedule both your trip to the medical appointment and your return trip at the same time.  When you make your medical appointment, ask for an estimate of how long your appointment will take, and schedule your return trip for a little longer (20-30 minutes).  Once your appointment is completed, please stay in the pick-up area until your designated pick-up time.

Q:  What do I do if my appointment is longer than expected?
A:  Your driver will give you a phone number to call if your appointment goes longer or your vehicle is late.  If you do not receive satisfactory service, call 1-877-404-4500.  If your transportation is more than 15 minutes late, you can call the "Where's My Ride?" line at 1-800-435-1034, and your driver will be contacted to check on his arrival status.

Your Responsibilities:
You should call SoonerRide at least three (3) business days ahead of your appointment date.  You are not guaranteed transportation if you do not call with at least three days notice.

If your appointment is cancelled please notify SoonerRide as soon as you know (24 hour advance notice required, if possible.  This will prevent unnecessary trips for local transportation companies trying to serve others that day.  If you have three (3) no-shows in a 90-day period, you risk losing service.  Passengers who misuse or abuse the service or behave disruptively may be denied SoonerRide NET Services.

You should be ready fifteen (15) minutes before the agreed on pick-up time.  The vehicle is considered on time if it arrives 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the designated pick-up time.  The driver is required to wait up to 10 minutes from your pick-up time to transport you.  Drivers cannot come into the home, lift passengers, or take wheelchairs up and down stairs.

You are responsible for all medication and belongings once aboard the vehicle.  Please do not give them to your driver.

No eating, drinking, smoking or using other types of tobacco products is allowed in the vehicle.

Please be respectful and courteous of other riders and your driver.

Please notify SoonerRide when you change your address or no longer need transportation.

You are responsible for providing a child safety seat for children younger than 4 or under 60 pounds.

An adult must accompany children under the age of 15.  People 15 to 18 must have a note from parent or guardian on file with SoonerRide.

A maximum of one escort or attendant may accompany a passenger.  Children may not accompany adults when the appointment is for the adult.  Children may ride only if they have a medical appointment.

Reporting a Service Issue:
If you would like to report a service issue or make a compliment about a driver or vehicle service, please call SoonerRide at 1-877-404-4500.  A customer service representative will take your information and contact all necessary parties.

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