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United Community Action Program started its mission in the summer of 1969. Since that year, United has grown to serve literally thousands of people from dozens of communities throughout northeastern Oklahoma. Headquartered in the seat of Pawnee County, the Main Office actively supports its various programs from a central location.

Appreciating the unique strengths and challenges of each community, United programs provide opportunities for partnership that are molded to fit each community. In harmony with our vision, our partnerships forge the strength of combined resources, enabling each community to act to solve its own problems. 

In addition to forging strong partnerships within each community, United contributes to local economies, with an annual budget of $18 million dollars and a workforce of over 400 people.

In the role of partner, United has established programs throughout Creek, Kay, Noble, Osage, and Pawnee Counties.  However, our individual programs provide services in several other Counties as well, expanding our services to more than 10% of the state of Oklahoma. 

Learn more about each program and to determine if a program serves your area, please click on a link below:

At United, we know our vision works.

Together we Can!

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United Community Action Program, Inc.
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