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Ridership Policy

Failure to abide by the rules will result in the removal or expulsion  from Cimarron Public Transit.

Cimarron Transit complies with Americans With Disabilities Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

All rides are scheduled on a first call basis, subject to availability.

All rides are open to the public.

To ensure customers have a safe and enjoyable ride, the driver will enforce the rules outlined here:

•Riders can board with what they can carry on the vehicle and securely place at their feet or below the seat not interfering with other passengers. 
  • Drivers are not responsible for loading/unloading and carrying groceries/packages to the door.  If a passenger is unable to load or unload packages, the passenger must be accompanied by a companion to assist, at no additional charge.

•No fighting, throwing of any objects, pushing, rough or loud behavior or vulgar language.

•All passengers are expected to use occupant restraints.

•Drivers are NOT to enter any home.

•Drivers are not to wait longer than five (5) minutes for any passenger.  Once a driver moves on from the location (after waiting five minutes), the trip is considered complete.  The rider can call to reschedule a ride at the next opening, however, no priority will be given and the rider is expected to pay for the missed trip.

•All passengers must exercise personal hygiene.

•All passengers must wear shoes and shirts.

•Passengers must have correct change; drivers are not required to give change.  Ten-ride passes are readily available.  If a stop is made for a rider to obtain change, the rider will be charged for the stop.

•No non-prescription drugs, alcohol, firearms of fireworks, or weapons are permitted on CPTS vehicles.

•No hazardous chemicals, materials, or batteries of any kind are permitted on board.

•No eating or smoking.  Drinks may be allowed with lids, only.

•Passengers using mobility devices may travel with a personal care assistant at no additional cost.

•Riders are expected to cancel a ride, if the ride is no longer needed.  Rides should be cancelled at least 30 minutes prior to driver arrival, either per phone call or leaving a message. Cancellation when the driver arrives is not acceptable practice.  If a rider does not cancel a ride in advance, the ride must be paid for the next time the rider boards a CPTS vehicle. Riders with a pattern of "no shows" or "cancellations" May lose the privilege of scheduling trips in advance.

•In the event of inclement weather, the ability to provide service could be affected. Safety considerations may prevent or delay service.

•All passengers will refrain from unnecessary conversation that may distract drivers while the CPTS vehicle is moving.

•Parents/guardians are required to belt in each child appropriately.  The parent/guardian will be expected to sit nearby all children.  Parents/guardians are not to leave children unattended in the vehicle.

•Riders will not be permitted to leave packages or personal belongings on the vehicle when making multiple stops.

•Children 12 years of age and under will be required to be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

•All passengers must schedule rides and changes through the dispatcher.  Changes will not be accepted through the driver.

•Pets must be stored in a pet carrier.
All passengers must schedule rides and changes through the dispatcher. Changes will not be accepted through the driver.
  • Drivers are not permitted to pull into private drives. Locations for pick up and drop off must be accessible to CPTS vehicles. CPTS vehicles must be able to enter and exit without backing.
  • Riders cannot specify a vehicle or driver.
•Cimarron Transit does not provide charter service, defined as "Transportation provided by a recipient at the request of a third party for exclusive use of a bus or van for a negotiated price."

  • To ensure program accessibility, customers with a disability can make a request for reasonable modification. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to exceptions. Requests should be communicated to the dispatcher at the time a trip is scheduled. (Amended November 2015)

Failure to abide by the rules will result in the removal or expulsion from Cimarron Public Transit.

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